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It’s Thanksgiving again and I had to say thank you to all the readers, family and friends who nominated Yesterday Lies Ahead in Amazon’s program “Kindle Scouts”.  It received nearly 800 nominations but it was not selected for a contract. The bad news about not having a contract with Amazon is that  I have to keep on doing my own marketing… The good news is I get to keep the copyrights. There’s always good and bad in everything. I chose to celebrate and appreciate the good things; like the time people took out of their busy days just to nominate Yesterday Lies Ahead – thank you ! The book is now available at  in Kindle and paperback. Here are the link and the product description:

“In the sequel to The Traveler’s [K]Night, it’s now 2024, and Ali Kharan’s sons, Ben and Jeff, have moved on with their lives, not knowing whether the series of unexplained phenomena that swept Philadelphia in 2012 or a failed marriage was responsible for their father’s disappearance.
Ben has become the chief technology officer of Volstaad Labs. Ben and his millionaire boss, local genius and technology guru Eric Volstaad, work remarkably well together. In fact, they’re in perfect unison—until Eric starts acting strangely.
Things get even stranger when Ben is forced to enter a new world that Eric has secretly created. Stranded there, Ben fears that—like father, like son—his marriage may also be doomed to fail. Surrounded by people whose intentions could spell disaster, Ben trusts no one but Virginia Volstaad—Eric’s daughter. The boss’s only child is recovering from her own family tragedy when she bursts into Ben’s world bearing unsettling information about her father’s mysterious enterprise—as well as surprising news about Ben’s missing father, Ali.
Linking Philadelphia of 2024 with Denmark and Germany of medieval times, Yesterday Lies Ahead delivers intrigue, action, suspense, and a twist of epic romance.”

Happy Thanksgiving!


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