Wheel of Life – A Novel – Paperback available now at Amazon.com

Wheel of Life – A Novel

By Liv Lugara

Paperback– April 30, 2014 – Amazon.com


Wheel of Life – A Novel

When the Philadelphia Special Investigations squad hired a criminal profiler a series of murders stirred up public opinion that summer. Highly trained in reading micro facial expressions, psychologist Vincent Mills found himself surrounded by animosity, starting with his own supervisor, who saw no use for a psychologist in the department. William McCoy, the only suspect, has an impeccable alibi. As McCoy appears on national TV to proclaim his innocence, Mills struggles to convince his bosses that there is more behind William McCoy’s star quarterback looks than meets the eye. McCoy’s former girlfriend, the troubled daughter of a prominent family in Philadelphia, was just found dead and he is already pursuing a new lover. On her way out of the country for volunteer work, Elisa Mitchell is leaving no one behind. No family, no close friends; William McCoy is the first person to whom she opened up a little in years. Everybody loves William and Vince fears the worst if Elisa falls for him. Vince Mills needs to reach Elisa soon, before that relationship too turns deadly.

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The Kindle version will also be available at Amazon.com after May 15 2014.

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