The coolest magic show ever!

 GUZAARISH – Released in 2010, Guzaarish is the story of a famous magician in Goa – Ethan Mascarenhas. After an accident that interrupted his career and life, Mascarenhas turned his attention and talent to host a radio talk show and is doing great too. As great as a man in his condition is able to, that is. One day he calls his long time friend and lawyer and asks het to file a petition in his name. It’s a legal action forbidden by the judicial system of the biggest democracy in the world and the entire city of Goa joins the debate via radio talk show.

Goa was one day a Portuguese possession on the coast of India so that is very curious to see elements of strong Catholicism in the day-to-day life of a country where Christianity is not the most popular faith. Portuguese names like Mascarenhas   and De Souza freely mix with Hindi and Muslim ones.

If you ever complain about a back pain that prevents you from bending and putting your shoes on comfortably or a persistent headache,  our eyes going bad of the inconveniences of going to work when having a bad cold, watch the challenges a quadriplegic faces every day. And even if the story does not sound attractive to you, maybe watch the DVD – NETFLIX has it: – for the unexpected beauty of the magic tricks Mascarenhas performs on stage. It’s breathtaking. Actor H. Roshan is an exceptional dancer too and it shows in the way he moves around the stage. Here are the links to two of the best magic shows in Guzaarish (videos available in

(Just curious: Would you vote for or against Ethan Mascarenhas’ polemic cause?)


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